House Tour

black gold gallery mirror feature wall

black gold gallery mirror feature wall

200 euro, one week, full kitchen makeover. Floor, backsplash, cabinets, counters, the works!

The €200, one week kitchen makeover
How to paint a tile floor (and what you should think about before you do)
Contact paper kitchen counter update
A quick and easy dishwasher update
Adding interest by blinging up your toe-kicks
Painting an ugly tile backsplash

budget bathroom makeover

budget bathroom makeover

adventure playroom makeover diy

adventure playroom makeover diy

adventure playroom makeover diy
I wanted to keep the middle of the room clear for playing, so I kept all the furniture to the edges.

velvet upholstered kids ikea single bed

diy birch tree painted mural feature wall nursery kids room

planning out a gallery wall of photos and mementos

Coming Soon!!!!

I'm in the middle of getting the photos together for this but it'll be up really soon, promise!

Actually, taking photos involves cleaning the house and keeping it that way during daylight maybe "really soon" is pushing it, but I'll do my best!

Watch this space ;)


  1. Great blog BTW, used to live in a house just like this in Limerick although I'm moved back home to Derry now, doing same as you ATM. Great inspiration, giving me fresh ideas!

    1. Thanks! Glad you found me :) And you've reminded me that I REALLY need to finish this page, I uploaded the old photos and totally forgot about it!