Design Services

Soooooooooooo....this is awkward, in a way that you might not get unless you're Irish. What I mean is, I hope you're not all out there thinking "Hire her?! She should be so lucky! This wan loves herself!", etc. but I'm pleased to now be able to offer my design services!

The reality is that while getting into designing for other people was always a pipe dream of mine, I never thought it would really happen. And since this blog has started to take off a little bit I've had quite a few inquiries as to whether I am "for hire", but they were all too vague and I was unsure what the jobs would involve or what I should charge, so I always ended up saying no. 

However, recently I was contacted with an opportunity to do a job that I could take on, and since it worked out so well I thought now was the time to come up with a package that I think works for both me and clients and get it out there!

The package includes:

-Initial phone consultation/email, going over the clients requirements
-First mood board, reflecting overall style and theme
-Finalised mood board with full source list and prices
-One set of alterations to the final mood board (up to a total of three changes) if needed.

The package costs just €100, with further alterations €25 each, and further services (e.g diy-ing or styling) available for a further charge to be discussed.


If you want help with designing a room but don't want the hassle or expense of someone actually coming in to your home to do it. 

If you are confident that you can decorate a room, but haven't figured out your style. 

If you want a clear set of directions to creating the room you're dreaming of and a shopping list that will save you time and money then this is the package for you!

To make inquiries about a booking or if you have any questions, you can email me at

I look forward to working with you!

Linda XX