Monday 4 April 2016

a gallery wall with a difference

empty frames display kids art

The playroom is finished!....well, practically finished anyway, I just have to figure out how to incorporate a little bit more lighting in there. I hate overhead lighting and I will avoid using it at all costs! However, the lamps and strings of lights I would usually use really aren't a great choice in a room designed for such small kids so I'm a bit stumped. Suggestions are totally welcome :)

Anyway, while I'm waiting to get the whole room photographed and up here on the blog I thought I'd share a few of the different elements in here first, and to start with I chose.......yet another gallery/feature wall!! SURPRISE!

You're not surprised? Yeah, me neither.

empty frames display kids art
Sneak peak!

I knew I wanted to use frames that had had the glass removed to display the kids art, but I had originally planned to line them with cork board in order to pin the pages up. But then I actually thought about it and realised that pins and Max (the hoover) Duffy are not mixy things and took myself off to Tiger in the hopes that they would have tiny clothes pegs (which are less deadly, and much cuter). 

They did.

Of course they did, Tiger doesn't sell anything but random crap that you absolutely never knew you needed, but as soon as you see it you wonder how you ever lived without it. Things like packs of tiny working clothespeg's for €2.

So I just broke out the hot glue and stuck those bad boys right onto the frames, and now I can switch out the art as the kids forget about it I have new stuff I want to display. Win! Plus, I really love being able to see the spotty wall through the empty frames, even without anything hung in them they look like something from a hipster cafe ;P

A great idea is to scan any of the kids pictures that you really want to keep, rather than stuffing them in a box somewhere, never to be seen again.

empty frames display kids art

The frames are a mixture of ones collected from charity shops and others found in euro stores. Some were gold already, some I spray painted.

empty frames display kids art

empty frames display kids art
I'm pretty sure that black spot is a comment on the inevitability of death....or Emilia spilled the black paint. One or the other.

empty frames display kids art
This is a dark room already, and the weather has been crap recently, so these photo's are not as good as I'd like, sorry!

So there you have it, the Duffy gallery of art, and in case you can't remember what we started with, here you go...

More details of the playroom makeover coming soon! Until then, any ideas for great kid-friendly lighting?!

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