Friday 8 April 2016

my picks from H&M Ireland's new online store

Metal tray €14.99

H&M has finally given me access to their homewares by opening an online shop for Ireland! Finally! Now I can stop being jealous every time I see something amazing on a blog with "H&M home" under it. 

I had a good perv at all their offerings and I've gathered a few of my favourites together so we can lust after them together. Enjoy!
Starting with the grown up side of things, there are some really beautiful things. Looking at my selections there's a distinct boho/eclectic/glam feel going on. Maybe my taste is changing, or maybe I've been spending too much time stalking Kimberley's blog :)

Hanging planter €29.99

Cushion cover €4.99

Duvet cover set
Duvet cover set €29.99

I love the print of that bed set so much, it would be perfect in my planned girly glam office/spare room but I think I would use it for something other than bedding because I just love a crisp white bed. Maybe as curtains? Or cushion covers? You'd get a lot of fabric out of one set!

All so pretty, all so reasonably priced.

I want them all!!!!!!!

And then, for the kids......


So much cool stuff! There will definitely be a few purchases made, just as soon as my bank card stops making gentle weeping sounds every time I use it. 

p.s: just in case you thought I was fancy enough for H&M to pay me to write this post, I am not. Someday, hopefully, but not yet!