Friday 29 May 2015

Funfair style artwork for Em's room

This isn't so much a diy post as a "look at the cool thing I got" post!

 My artistic skills run more towards the abstract (i.e. I can throw paint at a canvas but that's about it) so this is the work of someone with infinitely more talent in this mother.

This kind of art is something that she used to do a lot of, but she hasn't really done it seriously since I was small. I always planned to ask her to do this once Em had her own room and thankfully she agreed!

I've always loved this style of lettering, and it seems to be quite popular at the moment, but it has the extra little bit of meaning for us which is lovely.

I love the little edge of gold on the letters that catches the light.

I'm really happy with it. My mother used colours to complement Emilia's room as it is at the moment, but I think this particular piece of art will grow with her, and she loves that her granny made it for her!

All these photos had to be edited cos she wouldn't wear pants...I'm not even joking.

On a purely practical note, it's painted on a really light piece of particleboard and it's stuck up with three command strip picture hanger velcro thingies. It's light and I wanted it flush with the wall so this is perfect.

We're finishing up her room slowly but surely, and there's a couple of cool projects I have to share with you as soon as I can get them completely finished and photographed.

 Anyone having trouble finding rugs or curtains that are both individual and don't cost the earth? I have the tutorials for you!

'till next time ;)