Wednesday 27 May 2015

Kids room gallery wall

Happy Wednesday! 

Just a quick little post today about the art I used to fill the empty wall over the dresser in my daughter's room.

 But before we get to the good stuff, I just want to say that when it comes to a posting schedule....well, I don't have one! Subjects for posts come up as I complete projects, and when something appears on the blog it's most likely cos I've just finished it!

 And also the kids are in bed and I'm not too tired to type ;)

So while I'm pretty confidant that I'll be posting at least once a week (more when I'm feeling especially energetic!), I can't guarantee when those posts will be ready. I really want to keep things as filler-free as possible, you know, quality over quantity ;)

 So please bear with me, and rest assured, I will post, promise!

On to the prettiness!

When we moved in here back in October we painted Emilia's room white so that I could change it up really easily just by swapping out soft furnishings or giving the furniture a quick lick of paint, and save myself the trouble of painting the whole room every time I changed my mind or wanted to try something new, which happens approximately, oh, every day!

So to that end I painted an old dresser that my mother in law gave to us when we first moved in. It still needs to be varnished to protect it from the dirt-demon that is my daughter but it's pretty, and adds a great pop of colour in the room. It sits on the wall opposite her bed, and the blank space above it was just crying out for some art, but what to use?

There were already animal paintings, family photos and a pinboard on other walls, so I wanted something a bit different. 

Taking a decent photo of something behind glass is obviously not in my skill set. Alas, I was too lazy to remove it.

I had always, always loved this quote from "A midsummer night's dream", and from pretty much the minute Em was born it was clear that it could have been written with her in mind!

So I headed over to Etsy to try and find a print of it I liked and came across Designee, and awesome shop that sells all kinds of printed art and quotes, as well as vinyl wall stickers (I got the gold dots for Em's wall there too-totally removable, I love them!), and the best thing is that everything is customisable, so you can order exactly what you've been wanting. And the ABSOLUTE best part? Anything can be done in gold foil! I was so excited! Really, it doesn't take much.....

2 inch gold dots, 120 for $28
So I ordered me up my Shakespeare quote, and also a "be brave", cos out of all the things I would like her to be, I think brave is a really important one. I also got a second "be brave", and all in the gold foil, 8.5 x 11, portrait style, and the total plus shipping was $33.50. Bargain!

The gold foil is really pretty and catches the light, but I didn't get a good photo of it.

I framed them in nice deep frames I got in B&Q. They were on offer, two for €12, so I bought 10 of them!

I then had to decide how to hang them, and I thought it would look good to use some of my stash of frames to do four of the exact same size over the dresser.

As for what would go in the other two frames, I thought I'd stick with the typographical theme and find a way to use wooden initials I had bought a while back, not knowing what I'd do with them.

So I painted them in the colours I was using for the room, and then came up with a background of gold dots for them, to mirror the wall opposite.

I had these dots left over from Christmas. Ikea were selling them in packets so I bought a few to make garlands from. You could get the exact same effect with gold card and a circle paper punch though.

I framed the circles and then just stuck the letters to the glass with blu-tac :)

And there you have it, a simple little gallery wall that picks up the themes in Em's room. I'm really happy with it :)

See the dirty marks on the dresser?! The shaaaaame!!

What quote would you use on a kids wall? I'm doing my baby sons room at the moment and I need ideas!

Linda xx

p.s: I'm not paid to endorse Designee's shop or anything, I just found her and was genuinely happy with what I got.