Thursday 4 October 2018

how to update a room with colour

how to update a room with colour

I recently talked about what you can do to add personality and depth to your home to give it that "finished" look, and in that post, I shared a few of the Moda by Dulux palettes to show you how you can go about choosing a colour scheme for your room if you aren't confident enough to do it yourself. Because we all know that choosing colours can be tricky, especially when it comes to expanding past the one or two main colours that most people start with!
This week I thought I'd go one step further, take one of those lovely palettes and show you how you could easily use it to create a beautiful scheme for your room.

This is a sponsored post, but all content and opinions are my own. I only work with brands I love and I think you'll love too.

So, you've decided to update your room and you've found one of the Moda by Dulux palettes that you love... now what?

Whether you are looking to paint your walls or not, you can still bring the colour scheme in. Soft furnishings, accessories, art, even pieces of furniture can all be used to bring in a colour from your chosen scheme, and I decided to choose one of the Moda by Dulux palettes and search high street stores to pull together a plan for a beautiful, finished room that won't cost a fortune and just as importantly won't take a huge amount of work. Because I know what it's like guys, and sometimes when it comes to home d├ęcor you just need an easy win
Coastal Calm Pallete

I chose Moda Coastal Calm, a beautiful, modern beachy combination of colours. The whole process of finding the items and coming up with a plan for the room was still very quick and easy, so rest assured that even if you're totally new to this you can do it!


As you can see from the inspiration photo, Moda Coastal Calm incorporates warm tones, with a lovely rich gold and a creamy white as well as soft blues and greys. All in all a beautiful, warm, calm palette.
Now, in the room above the beautiful gold colour (Salinger) has been used as the anchor as the colour of the walls and the blues and greens have been brought in as accents, creating a lovely finished look. But that's not the only way to use the palette, and a totally different feel can be achieved just by emphasising some of the other colours. These colours can absolutely be brought in as accessories and finishing touches, and this is how I would do it.

how to update a room with colour

1. Chevron curtains €109 2. Faux Plant €40 3. Tarbak Rug220

4. Floor Lamp €69.95. Java Shade £596. "Beach Mood" Print €35

7. "Calm" Print  €35 8. Stockholm Mirror €80 9. Harort Cushion €15

10. Stockholm sofa €1600

As you can see I've brought the "Salinger" colour in with leather and wood in the furniture. I absolutely love natural materials and fabrics, as they not only add beautiful warm colour but texture too, and if like me you wouldn't normally use a shade of brown then they absolutely are a neutral.

Ikea Stockholm Sofa

I've picked out the softer blues of "Renaissance" and "Robin Egg" in the accessories and soft furnishings, while the darker green of "Apple Box" makes an appearance in the rug and cushions. The curtains are a soft grey with a subtle chevron pattern, adding an extra layer of depth and texture to the room, while the geometric patterned rug has all the colours in it while still being the kind of mid-century/modern style that I love.
I've added more natural texture with the rattan light fitting and the greenery in a funky woven basket, and art that brings in both the browns and blues then really ties the whole thing together.

So what do you think? Working from a palette really takes the hard work out of planning a room doesn't it? I found the whole thing a breeze, even though I was working with a combination of colours that I really wasn't familiar with, and if I can do it, you can too! You really can have the home of your dreams, no matter the budget, and thanks to great resources like the Moda by Dulux colour palettes you can have it without the stress too!