Monday, 8 June 2015

Easy diy wire quote art

I love quotes.

No wait, that's not quite right. 

I love words.

Words on their own are not special, but in the right hands they can be strung together in such a way as to encourage and inspire people. To make them feel as if they are right there with the writer, sharing the experience.

I have been a devourer of books since I first learned to read, and I would still rather be in bed reading than doing almost anything else in the world.

For real, pre-kindle a big worry for me when packing for a holiday was how many books I could feasibly bring, and would it be enough for the week. 

It was never enough!

So there are books that I love that I read time and again because they remind me of being a kid and staying up way too late in order to finish just one more chapter, or of trying to find a way to prop my book open while I ate, and I hope one day I'll be able to read them to my kids, and that they will love them as much as I have.

 (fyi the solution to that little problem turned out to be pre-cutting everything so I only needed one hand to eat ;)

So maybe I have a little bit of a problem when it comes to using quotes as art for my home, but I can't help it, I like to be reminded of the books, poems, even songs that I love by having little bits of them on display......I am trying to cut back though ;)

Today however, I've given in to the urge and come up with something for the dining room. 

There was a blank space over the entrance to the sitting room that I thought would be just right for some delicate wire lettering. I had been meaning to try this out since I had seen it over at Jones Design Company a while back. It looked like a quick, simple and effective diy for art, and that's what I like!!

I chose a quote from Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, a book I love. It's from the mad hatter's tea party cos I thought that would be appropriate for the dining room, and also it sums us up pretty well :P

Apologies for the crappy photography, I'm a total novice!

I love how delicate it is, and the glint of gold on the wall (I'm so predictable!)

It was a really simple project to do, and only took about an hour total. All you need is some craft wire (I got mine in Tiger for €2 and used one and a half packs of it, they have other colours too), a pencil and paper.

easy diy gold wire quote art

Then I just wrote out the words in the size I wanted as a guide and followed them with the wire. It's really easy to work with!

easy diy gold wire quote art

It doesn't need to be perfect!

When I came to the end of the word I clipped it off and moved on to the next one.

easy diy gold wire quote art

I wrote each word to pretty much fill an A4 sheet of paper and this kept them approximately the same size. Once the word is finished and clipped off you can adjust it if necessary, the wire doesn't really look any the worse for being shaped and re-shaped.

 In fact, one of my letters got totally mangled by a little girl who shall remain nameless and I re-shaped it with no problems.

easy diy gold wire quote art
The culprit, looking like butter wouldn't melt...

What do you think? Anyone else have a serious quote addiction?!

Check back for more dining room stuff tomorrow!

Linda xx


  1. That quote's funny! Love Alice in Wonderland, I mosaic~ed our outdoor table with an AIW theme. I really enjoy quotes but have very few around my home actually. Maybe I need to address that!

  2. Oh I dunno, it's a slippery slope, I think I have one in every room now! :)

  3. That's such a lovely and creative idea! I might have to have a go at it. I love the quote 'I'm afraid you're mad, bonkers, but I'll tell you a secret, all the best people are' from Alice in Wonderland but I think that would be a bit long lol. I think it would be really nice to do other things like initials or names etc using this method too :-) Em x

  4. I love that one too :) It'd be really great printed out for a kids room wouldn't it? I love that book so much, can't wait till my daughter is old enough to read it to her :)

  5. Love this idea and quotes! I am going to do this project for my new office, but not sure of the quote yet. Thank you for sharing and inspiring!

  6. I LOVE this!!! How did you hang it?

    1. Thanks! I just used the sticky bits that are supposed to hang clear command strip hooks up. They're transparent, and I just pressed the letters on to them at a few different points. You can see them if you really look, but you'd have to be really nosy!

    2. Thank You! That's such a Great Idea, I cannot wait to try this.

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