Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Artwork for Wedding Gallery Wall

These are just a couple of very quick little projects I did with the intention of using them as part of a wedding "gallery wall" I'm planning on creating when we finally get into our new house. Our wedding day was amazing, and we have some really wonderful, personal photos that were taken by our friends that I think need to be displayed in a special way. So, to create something a bit different than your usual "posed wedding photo in a frame on the mantelpiece" I have been gathering together some small craft projects to complement the professional photos we have had done in acrylic and on canvas, and the candid shots I plan on putting in funky frames. I don't want the wall to be all photos, so to break it up a bit I came up with these little canvases....

This is a quote from sonnet 116, which we had as a reading at our wedding.

And this is pretty self explanatory :)

I buy canvases from the euro store for €1.50/€2.00 each. I found these stickers in guineys for €1.50 per pack, 2 packs didn't quite do both canvases, so as you can see in the photo above, I had some gaps. I just painted the top half, removed the letters I needed and re-used them on the bottom half.

So after I laid out the letters I painted over them with a sample pot of colortrend paint I had. Most of the pics and art I'm going to use for the wall are black/white/grey. Once I had painted over the whole canvas I got a tweezers and peeled off the stickers (which I will save, cos I'm that cheap!)

The "happily ever after" is just stickers on canvas, simple! And if I ever want to change it I can just peel off the stickers and do something else.

And this is how they turned out, I'm quite happy with them :)
 A quick and easy little project but I think they'll look great up on the wall amongst our photos.


Quote Cushions

I have been bitten by the typographical bug! All of a sudden I am aware of all the wonderful quote that I love and it would seem that I am on a mission to have as many of them in my house as possible! To that end, after finding these small cushions in B&Q for just €2.95 each (they have them in lots of colours) I decided to attempt some fabric-art. So I went to Silkes on Catherine St and found this textile marker for €1.95....

It did the job admirably.I did both cushions with it and I'm sure I'll get a couple more out of it, it shows no signs of running out thus far :) It did come in other colors but just primary shades.

I first tried out a "once upon a time" design for Em's room. I just went freehand with it, and I'm quite happy with it, but if I'd just had a bit of patience and measured out where the letters should go then that "a" wouldn't be wonky...grrr.....

I then decided I'd try a Yeats quote for a cushion for our bed (I'm aware it's not "for" but "because" in the poem, it wouldn't fit!). I'm not as happy with this one, it's pretty wonky. I really want a set of alphabet stamps but thus far I've been too cheap to buy some online, but given the amount of these type of projects I've been doing over the last couple of weeks I reckon I'll just have to bite the bullet and order a set.

Here they are again, in all their wonky glory!