Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Quote Cushions

I have been bitten by the typographical bug! All of a sudden I am aware of all the wonderful quote that I love and it would seem that I am on a mission to have as many of them in my house as possible! To that end, after finding these small cushions in B&Q for just €2.95 each (they have them in lots of colours) I decided to attempt some fabric-art. So I went to Silkes on Catherine St and found this textile marker for €1.95....

It did the job admirably.I did both cushions with it and I'm sure I'll get a couple more out of it, it shows no signs of running out thus far :) It did come in other colors but just primary shades.

I first tried out a "once upon a time" design for Em's room. I just went freehand with it, and I'm quite happy with it, but if I'd just had a bit of patience and measured out where the letters should go then that "a" wouldn't be wonky...grrr.....

I then decided I'd try a Yeats quote for a cushion for our bed (I'm aware it's not "for" but "because" in the poem, it wouldn't fit!). I'm not as happy with this one, it's pretty wonky. I really want a set of alphabet stamps but thus far I've been too cheap to buy some online, but given the amount of these type of projects I've been doing over the last couple of weeks I reckon I'll just have to bite the bullet and order a set.

Here they are again, in all their wonky glory!


  1. They're not really wonky. That's the charm of hand lettering. Check out this trick for transferring letting on the cheap..

    Instead of the newsprint, you can also just scribble pencil or chalk on the back side of the lettering and transfer that.

    1. Thanks for the tip, sounds like a great idea! Also, that's another blog I've never come across that I'm now going to have to keep an eye on, thanks :)

  2. Those are so cool. I like the font style that you used. Nice and twirly ;-)
    It seems relatively easy to transform a pair of cushions using those markers. Thanks for sharing your results with us.

    1. Thank you :) Yep, it's really quick and easy, and you can get those markers in all different colors. I made a "baby it's cold outside" cushion for Christmas, and I've seen cushions done for a bed with love song lyrics on them that I want to try out.

  3. Very creative! I could have never imagined that one could get so creative with cushion designs as well.