Wednesday 7 March 2018

mother's day wish list

Image of Mothers Day Card
The Bitch Box

I don't like fuss, I HATE surprises and I am the least sentimental person in the world so I usually hate things like mother's day. You know, those "holidays" where you feel compelled to buy an overpriced card to write down how crazy you are about people you see every day so they can take a pic of it and share on facebook? Yeah, I hate all of that, and so I did used to kind of ignore Mother's day, but by god if the destruction of my pelvic floor hasn't instilled in me an appreciation for a day that's supposed to be all about moi!

And said pelvic floor, which valiantly battled to hold in three giant babies. I miss you girl #neverforget

Now, we're very busy, and we're on a budget, so I'm not expecting much, but a little something to acknowledge the fact that I grew three robust human beings out of little more than cake and potato waffles, who took my ability to sneeze with confidence with them as they made their exits, that I can get behind. And just in case you're looking for a little inspiration yourself, I threw together a few ideas for things that I would like. If the person you're buying for has a sense of humour to go with their stress incontinence, maybe they'll like them too ;)

I've included cosy loungewear (can't get the sizes wrong and let's be honest, we prefer it to real clothes), a beautiful scarf (cos it's still baltic and a scarf covers up a multitude), a gorgeous necklace that can be personalized, some lovely prints, amazing Irish natural skincare, pretty homewares, books about parenting to make you laugh when you're feeling like the world's worst mother and a lightning bolt light....cos who doesn't want one of those?! No-one, that's who. 

So there you go, I hope I've given you a few ideas, cos to be honest you're cutting it very fine! But I've tried to only include stuff that can be got at pretty short notice. No excuses!!!!!

And if you're wondering if you should bother cos the kids are tiny and she said she didn't want anything and sure you just bought her a present for should bother. Trust me. Or take her for lunch, or get her some flowers, just do SOMETHING for gods sake! And while you're at it take some bloody photos of her cos I trawled through all of mine looking for one of me with my three spawn for this post and it doesn't exist friends. I have a million pictures of the kids, at least 100,000 of them with Gavin, and not a one with me. Not fair.

I swear this post didn't start off as a passive aggressive rant at my husband, but here we are. Sorry dear!

And if all else fails just get me this, cos I really need it......

*p.s: this post contains some affiliate links, cos someone has to keep the kids in shopkins ;)