Sunday 7 January 2018

new year plans

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Hi everyone, remember me? Yeah, so it looks like one kid was easy, two I could handle, but three has me crashing through life in that kind of weird "what the hell just happened" way that's really hard to keep up with. Not that the actual looking after of the offspring is harder, cos for some reason it's not, it's just that there's so much to do that my brain can't keep up, and the days are flying past me at a frightening rate. 

My life is basically that scene from Thor Ragnarok where he meets Doctor Strange.......Anybody? No? Well you're missing out. Taika Waititi, Jeff Goldblum, what more do you want?!

I don't really go in for new years resolutions and the like, cos I feel like if I wanted to change my life then the depths of winter when I'm broke and full of cheese is not the right time to make any big decisions, but I do like the calm that comes after the craziness of Christmas. It's kind of inspiring in a "thank God that's over, now I can get back to what I really wanted to be doing" kind of way! 

So with that feeling of cautious optimism in the air, I do have a few things I'm hoping to achieve this year. Top of the list is finally getting on top of budgeting and making sure we have plenty of "emergency" funds saved before we go spending money on anything unnecessary. Having to pay a giant car repair bill right before Christmas and right after we had shelled out to get painters in to do our hall and landing was not fun, and while we did have an emergency fund and managed it, it still made me realise that putting away more money is absolutely crucial before we plan anything else. I'm really good at spending money before I actually have it, booking or planning things in anticipation of payday and so I always seem to be playing catch up with our finances. It's totally avoidable stress and I'm not doing it anymore, ya hear me?! This is the year I move on from worrying about money.

House wise, I'd be happy with a few small-ish projects this year. First up will be the utility room I think, because it's been annoying me from the day we moved in and it's somewhere that a small amount of money and a bit of work will definitely go a long way and add a lot of value to the house. Then I think we'll be moving Em and Max into the same room soon so we'll have to come up with a design that works for both of them so I'm really looking forward to that. Kids rooms are so much fun! Add a quick makeover on the main bathroom and a bit more work on the garden and I'll be satisfied!

I'm also really hoping to put a bit more time into my little corner of the interwebs this year. I've realised that to do that though I'm going to have to actually set aside time for it, and to that end I plan on sneaking off to my lovely local cafe for a few hours every week if possible. Not only do I love this blog but it's slowly evolving into something I could consider a part-time job, so it would be crazy not to try and give it the little bit of time and attention it needs.

So there you go, it's more a sketchy plan than a list of resolutions but I think it's something I can actually do. And if anyone wants to help me along by buying me that amazing tapestry from Redbubble that'd be great! Any plans to get your own shit together? I'd love to hear them!