Wednesday 20 September 2017

profane scrabble art

I love my kids, but good god they get in the way of DIY! Hopefully someday they will actually be able to help rather than hinder, but for now trying to do anything without them when they're awake is pretty much just pissing into the wind so things are moving at a glacial pace when it comes to actually finishing anything. It's fine. After three kids I know that time to do the things I want is not something that comes easy, or often, and to be honest I've realised that the time I do have is usually better spent looking after myself or spending time with my husband unless I really WANT to do some painting or whatever. It's a work in progress, but I'm getting better at suppressing my control freak tendencies and not letting the to-do list haunt me. 

So the big stuff is crawling along, unfinished and un-blogworthy, and I recently realised that's it's been a long time since I just did a simple little craft project. You know, something that takes less than an hour start to finish and is simple to do but scratches the old creative itch.

With that in mind, when I came across a bag of scrabble tiles in a craft shop for €4 I picked them up not really knowing what I'd do with them, but sure I could use them somewhere. A couple of hours later, after laying out a few different variations of our names, nicey-nice sayings etc I decided that the usual way of using these things just wasn't for me. "Nice" I am not, and sentimentality just makes me cringe. So I grabbed a wallpaper sample with a lovely print on it that I had picked up in B&Q with the idea of possibly using it in our en-suite somewhere, cut a piece to fit a little box frame I had and hot-glued on a phrase that really resonates with me.

I absolutely love it. I mean, I must say it at least fifty times a my head.....or under my breath....or screamed into a pillow. 

Not for everyone admittedly, but it makes me smile. There's just something about that word in a scrabble frame, which are usually so sickly sweet, that makes it unexpected and even more offensive. It cracks me up. 

It's currently in our en-suite where it fits in perfectly with the black/white/botanical vibe I have going in there. 


I would love to make more of these but to be honest finding phrases that have letters in common to make the scrabble thing work is really hard!!! 

And just in case you're worried that my kids will end up as foul mouthed hooligans because of my bad influence:

1. They can't read
2. It's in a part of the house they don't use
3. I'm pretty sure they're headed that way no matter what I do, may as well enjoy it
4. Why do I feel the need to explain myself?!!!!

Anyway, we're moving ever closer to a full reveal of this room. Check back on Monday to see the amazing job Gavin did sorting out our storage problems! It involved much planning, measuring and plumbing (which he had never done before), but he got it done over a weekend. Honestly, the things that man can do with a few hours and a wikihow page is unbelievable.