Saturday, 17 June 2017

fancy-fied plant pots

I feel a little bogged down lately guys. It seems like quite a bit is getting done around here diy-wise (di-yise?) but actually getting things finished, photographed on the odd day when there's decent light and I have the energy to clean up and then actually blogged about is a lot of hard work. And I'm like, large and slow at the moment. Plus, it seems like all I want to write about right now is the kids, or being pregnant, and while the odd post like that is probably interesting for you guys, it's not what most of you come here for right?

It seems like forever since I had a quick little project to blog about, and I have a ton of them that I've been meaning to do for ages, so this week I forced myself to take the hour needed to complete one of them and snap a few photos so I could have something quick and easy to share.

I've had these plant pots since our very first trip to Ikea, back when we had first bought this house. They were fifty cent each in the sale section just as you get to the checkout so I threw them in with the four trolleys of other stuff we had grabbed on our epic, "six hour even though we stuck to our list and weren't browsing, thought I was going into labour at the end" shopping extravaganza. They were a good shape and they were cheap, I knew I'd use them eventually. And lo, a mere three years later here I am using them! So it was totally worth hoarding them all this time!

They were more beige than the grey they appear to be here, otherwise I would have used them as is.

I usually go for plain white pots for my indoor plants, but I decided to jazz these up a little bit. I had found a can of Valspar spray paint that pretty much exactly matched the new curtains in my kitchen/dining room for €2 in B&Q a couple of weeks ago so I sprayed one with that so I could use it on my kitchen window sill and bring that colour into the kitchen. I added a few copper triangles of contact paper that d-c-fix had been lovely enough to send me and voila! New pot.

For the second one I stuck to my usual M.O and painted it white, adding strips of the gold contact paper after. 


And there you have it, a quick little project that brightens up the kitchen and made me feel like I can still get shit done even though I'm not able to tie my own shoes at the moment. #winning

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