Friday 20 January 2017

new years resolutions...and an announcement!

Happy new year people! It may be a bit late, but I put together a list of a few of the resolutions I've made to myself this year.

1- Put a lock on the bathroom door-I'm tired of having to referee fights and answer urgent questions about which shopkin is my favourite while in the middle of doing my business.

2- Spend less time searching for the source of vague, but disgusting smells. (It's usually on me. It's usually poo.)

3- Stop murdering plants! 

4- Spend less time arguing with people who think calling me a "poo head" is a witty retort.

5- Related: Never again resort to using "I know you are, but what am I?" when faced with the aforementioned "poo-head". I'm 33. And I have a degree. In English. 

6- Actually be dressed for montessorri drop off at least 4 days out of 5, my current go-to of zipping a long coat over the leggings and top I slept in is not cutting it.

7- Maybe occasionally finish a project? That might be asking too much though!

8- And mostly, stop letting this guy talk me into lying on the couch all night when there's blogging I promised myself I would do....

Yep, we may be crazy, but we're going again. Emilia will be old enough to basically raise this one for me right? RIGHT?! 

So while this isn't the only reason I've been missing recently, it's a big part of it! I swear, the kids will be in bed and I'll be all ready to sit down and write the post I've been thinking about all day, but then a little voice will whisper "just sit down for a minute, watch this interior design show while eating a block of cheese the size of your head, it's basically the same thing".

So yes, I'm knackered, I'm ill, and I have two small people who still expect me to you know, parent them (so selfish) and the upshot has been that the non-essentials have been taking a back seat. But.....there may be light at the end of the tunnel. I found myself making plans to finish the bathroom the other day, and I've actually gone so far as to visit flooring suppliers in order to finally get the kitchen floor done so maybe the worst is over?! Here's hoping, cos feeling like the worlds least energetic manatee is getting really old.