Saturday, 12 March 2016

craft tutorial - 3D balloons

How is everyone?! I've been working away on the playroom, which is nearing completion, but it's not blog-able yet! However, I do have a cute little craft you might like to try for your kids room/ room? No judgement!
If you follow me on Instagram you'll know that I completely changed my mind about my plan for the playroom  and ended up painting a kind of geo-mountain mural in here in grey. Well, the other walls are now a lighter shade of soft grey, which is much warmer than the white I had planned (this room never gets any direct sunlight) and my new plan was to bring in a lot of kid-friendly colour with art and accessories. And as I kind of want an "adventure" theme in here I thought a few little hot air balloons over the mountains would be just the thing.

So I bought a pack of coloured card and during one of Max's naps Emilia and I set to work.

First, fold an A4 sheet of paper in half and draw a "half balloon" shape. Cut it out.

Using your first balloon as a template, cut the same shape out in a different colour.

Stick the creased one to the flat one with some double sided tape.

Flip it over and stick two pieces of string to your balloon, and then stick on a square of card for the basket.

And voila! 3D balloon! I wanted to stick these to the wall so I kept it flat on the back, but if you added another creased balloon shape to the other side and covered over your string on the back of the basket these would be so cute hung from the ceiling. Wouldn't a lot of little little ones make and amazing baby mobile?!

Here it is in place, with a little sneak peak of what else is going on in here ;)

I love them. It was a quick and easy craft that had a great result and wasn't too hard for kids to do. Perfect! Emilia loved doing it. 

Side note ~ the day we made this we had spent the morning reading about different animals and looking up where they lived in the atlas, by Em's request. I was all "I can really do this, I have the perfect family". My smugness levels had reached "Gwyneth Palthrow". And then Max woke up, destroyed everything, threw his teddy down the toilet, banged his head on the floor and put me right back in my place!