Monday, 24 August 2015

adding some colour to the garden (when you can't grow flowers!)

painting birdhouses to brighten up the garden

This summer has been a total bust. 

To give you a visual of how much of a bust it has I write this there is rain pounding down so hard outside that it is actually crushing the couple of flowers I did manage to grow, grrr!!! Bloody Irish weather! 

I had visions of spending our first summer in this house sitting out in the garden, surrounded by flowers, having barbecues, you know, generally enjoying finally having some outside space after living in a seventh floor apartment for six years! But alas, it wasn't to be.

So I wasn't going to get my colourful, sunny garden (this year at least), but I still wanted to jazz up the area and add a bit of colour any way I could. I spend a lot of time looking out at that garden so I want it to be cheerful! 

This is what we had to work with....

painting birdhouses to brighten up the garden

So, when I saw some little bird houses in Dealz for €1.49 each I bought a bunch of them (I used two in Max's room) and painted them seriously bright colours that I got testers of from Valspar (in B&Q) when they were having a promotion and selling the testers for €1.60 each, bargain!

                   painting birdhouses to brighten up the garden

painting birdhouses to brighten up the garden

                 painting birdhouses to brighten up the garden

These little pops of colour, along with painting the wall and the shed, really brightened up the place.

painting birdhouses to brighten up the garden

                     painting birdhouses to brighten up the garden

So until next year, when I have another chance at getting my fantasy garden up and going, these little beauties will brighten up the place and give us something pretty to look at when we're standing at the kitchen sink ;)

                          painting birdhouses to brighten up the garden

So that's my little solution to the "Irish summer blues". Things have been a bit crazy here for the last week, big things are afoot in the kitchen! I hope to have a post on that asap, but in the meantime come and follow me on Facebook or Instagram, where I put up "in-progress" photos :)

P.S: Anyone else sick to the back teeth of this weather? 

 Linda xx


  1. I love this idea! I work in Dealz, and had some of these birdhouses put away to buy them. In the end I decided I didn't like the colours and put them back out on the shop floor. WHY didn't I think of painting them? I paint EVERYTHING! I'm going to bookmark this for when we're doing up our back next summer. At the moment, I'm renting and have no idea if I'll be here next year, and it's getting a bit late in the "summer" to do it now!

    Newest follower on Bloglovin' too! Can't wait to read more... I'm already off to buy washi tape instead of all the frames I'd put away for the smallies room!


    1. Thanks Collette :) I've done that myself, but now I think I've gotten to the point where I don't even see the colour of things anymore, I just see the shapes!
      I was renting myself up till last winter, it's so hard to make a place feel like your own when you don't know how long you'll be there. I've actually got a couple of posts coming up on projects that are perfect for renters so keep an eye out!

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