Thursday 16 July 2015

10 things.....

10 things

Hey all! Just a quick little post today. I've been nominated to do a post on "10 things you didn't know about me" by aoifeweefa and it sounds like fun so here goes!

1. What's your party trick?

Does being really awkward and bad at small talk count?
It doesn't? 
Then I got nothing.

2. Cats or Dogs?

Cats, no contest. I already have two needy little animals following me around needing their poo cleaned up all day in the form of my kids, I don't need another one! Cat's only stay with you cos it suits them, I can respect that.

3. What is your most embarrassing moment?

I can't think of one, so either I feel no shame or there are so many that they've started to fade into one giant, awkward mass and feel normal....probably the latter I think!

4. If you could meet one person living or dead who would it be?

I've already met Daniel O' Donnell, (if you're not Irish that probably won't seem very impressive, trust me, it is!) who could top that?!

5. How long can you hold your breath for? (yes, you have to time yourself)

As long as it takes to change the monumentally horrific nappy of a robust, wriggly 8 month old who strongly objects to you doing about a minute!

6. Why do you blog? took a loooong time to get our house, and now that we have it I find it deeply satisfying to make it look like MY house...and there aren't many people I know who are interested in hearing about that as often as I would like to talk about it! Also, I read a lot of American diy blogs that I get inspiration from, but I get fed up of seeing great products etc that just aren't available here. So, when I started coming up with my own projects and figuring out how to make them work with what was available to me here in Ireland I thought there might be people out there who be interested in that....and so far it looks like I was right!

7. What’s your favourite TV programme?

Currently? Orange is the new black. 
Of all time? Buffy ;)

8. How many brothers & sisters do you have and are they older or younger?

One of each, both younger.

9. Do you live in a city or in the countryside?

On the very outskirts of the city. At some point in the future I'd like to move a bit further out but I don't know how practical that is given that I've gotten so used to being close to everything!

10. What was the last thing you bought other than food?

A set of three very fetching starburst mirrors for the living room from TK Maxx....most purchases are house related obviously, and I have a penchant for the gold/mid-century/totally useless items so I couldn't pass them up!

So there you go. I'm sure you're all soooo relieved that you finally know all that stuff about me now ;P Thanks for the nomination Aoife!

Back to normal posts tomorrow, I've done a feature wall in Max's room that I will hopefully get photographed today and have up asap. No promises though, we've already had several meltdowns here today (mostly by the children) and that trend looks set to continue so I might just start drinking early and leave the photography for another day ;p

Linda xx