Monday 2 September 2013

Button Letter Art

Pinterest has opened up a whole new world to me. I can't believe it now, but just a few months ago the idea that you could decorate your home using items that you had made or updated yourself just hadn't occurred to me (I know right?!). So, once the veil was lifted I found myself itching to...paint....glue....decoupage.....anything! And I did.......a lot (my husband was alarmed at the regularity with which I arrived home with new and unusual "supplies", he even had the nerve to laugh at my glue gun).

One of the projects I really wanted to try first was some button letter art like those I had seen and loved on ETSY. I decided to do one for Em's room, thinking it would look great in the gallery wall I had planned for the blank wall above her dresser.

Here's what I ended up with.......

It was really easy. I bought a bag of mixed buttons from silkes for €4.95 (and I'll get at least 6 more of these out of that one bag, so everyone I know who has kids, act surprised when I give you one alright?), a piece of nice A4 paper for .90c, and the frame was on sale in tesco for €6 (I may or may not have bought 10 of them!), and it's what I'd call a deep one, that is, it has space between the back and the glass, so you can put something 3D in it.

All I did then was choose one of the artworks I liked best on pinterest and copy it! I laid out the buttons first, mixing up the colours and sizes until I came up with a layout that I liked, and then I pulled out my new favourite thing....the GLUE GUN! :D....and started gluing. I did the top and bottom lines first to make sure it didn't go wonky on me, and when I was done I went back and added a few larger buttons over the top to make it really stand out.

Then I simply used pritt stick to glue the frame mat/border thingy to my paper and framed it, done! Cost me a grand total of about €9 and took me less than an hour :)